Storm Mariah Webb

Hi there! My name is Storm.
People tend to get confused when I introduce my name to them. Sometimes they actually ask me to show some ID just to have some proof. 
I’ve heard all of the jokes.. ‘is your dad an X-men fan?’ Kind of… ‘Can you control the weather?’ Sometimes to be honest! ‘Were your parents high when they named you?’ No, they were just really spiritual. 

Like in most cases, as soon a mother see’s her child she knows what to call them. Same thing happened to my mum. When it came round to telling my nan, my mum was worried about what my nan would think, since she was a strict catholic woman. But strangely enough my nan loved it! Although she warned my mum ‘Storm by name, storm by nature, so just be careful what you name your child’.  And she wasn’t wrong either. I did Turn out to be more than a handful.

Although my nan was Catholic my mum turned more spiritual. So I was fortunate to have been born into spirituality.
I knew more or less about it. But I started to follow it more deeply in my 20’s. Meditating, doing Tarot Cards and rituals.

During primary school days I was bullied by older kids and kids my age. When I was about 7, I had some older kids force cigarettes down my throat. I used to get beaten up quite regularly by a boy from my way. Every-time I was out playing he would see me from a window and come running over to smack, kick or punch me.
One time I actually had a girls brother get a copper wire and strangle me from behind. Luckily my best friend jumped on his back and got him off. He probably had a mental health issue that his parents are un aware of.
I feel like this led me to become an angry child. I got known as a fighter, I mixed in with the wrong crowds and got into trouble in school a lot. I still was getting beaten up quite badly around “friends” houses by boys. One time because I was wearing the colour red (a jacket) they said I deserve a beating because I’m representing a certain gang that isn’t theirs.

I felt like nobody wanted to help me. I feel everyone looked at me as a troubled child who couldn’t be helped. To be honest my attitude towards life didn’t help me neither, so why should other people?
My parents tried to do everything for me, but back then I was so ungrateful of my parents love. I put them through so much. All I wanted to do was fit in, stand out and be cool and feel accepted.

It got to the point that every night before I went to bed I’d say “universe, why am I angry? I want to be a better person. I want to become nice. I don’t want to hurt people anymore”. Only until I turned into an adult, I have seen and felt true appreciation. I also feel regret to what I have put my family through in the past and other people. It seems the universe has helped me with what I wanted to become. Now I wish to grow even more better each day.

I have always had a passion for music. Sounds just trigger me in ways some of you might understand. When I was in school, I’d bunk the other lessons to stay in the music room and just write lyrics. Writing lyrics was a way for me to release when I was younger. Now days I don’t tend to write much as I don’t feel angry or sad anymore. What I mainly do now is just appreciate sounds, whether it’s the birds in the morning, wind and rain during the night, gongs and bells, or a bit of music.

One thing I used to do when my parents were out was fill up their wine glasses with water and produce sounds by dipping my finger in and running my finger around the tips of the glass, I found it fascinating. So when I saw a Himalayan sound bowl for the first time, I was so drawn to them! How did they create that vibrating sound when you rub a stick around it. How loud can it go?  I wanted to buy a set and learn how to produce sound from them. So, I did research into them and found out that they can heal you as well as produce a beautiful sound. Knowing this, I thought instantly, maybe, this what what I’m suppose to do. Heal people and myself with the power of sound.
I ended up buying a beautiful 7 chakra set on amazon. They sounded musically beautiful. The tones matched each other all pretty well especially when you synchronise them together. There was 2 problems though..
1. I didn’t know how to play them. Let alone heal people from them.
2 .1 or 2 of them sounded very similar to each other.
This is when I decided to take up a course & I can proudly say I’m a qualified Sound Therapist! YAY ME!

I would love to help heal people through sound as it’s helping heal me.

Interests : Anime, Poker, Plants, Tea, Sound, Travelling, Reading.

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