Lunar and her phases.

The sun shines down on our body. The moon shines down on our soul.

Ever since I can remember I have been enchanted by Lunar’s dreamy glow and when her beauty shines out, I can not help but stare at her luminous body in complete awe. Knowing that at the end of her cycle she dies to only be rebirthed gives me comfort in knowing that existence is a continuous flow of transformation. It is through the darkest of times, we find the light and regenerate. Shedding layers of who we once were and embark on who we now are.

The same way Lunar goes through her phases, so do we. With each phase giving us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and to connect deeper with all that is. In astrology, spirituality and even in some of history, Lunar represents our emotions, our personal needs, habits, instincts, intuition and reactions. She is one of the gateways to helping us reconnect with our internal world, our inner sanctuary, our soul.

Once we flow in harmony with Lunar and her phases we are gifted by the activation of her innate powers. The abilities to heal, achieve, connect and even bring stability. Allowing us to fully become who we truly are. Multidimensional beings.

Each phase of lunar has her own characteristics and spiritual meaning. To discover more on what each her unique phase represents, please read on.

Lunar’s phases and a quick guide on how you can work with her energy:

New Moon (1-3.5 days): Marks new beginnings.

Perfect time to create a clean slate and start planting your seeds for the cycle ahead. Ask yourself; how will I grow? What are my goals? What would I like to accomplish over the next coming weeks?

Waxing crescent (3.5 – 7 days): Plan and prepare.

How will you commit to these goals that were set at the previous phase? What work needs to be done?

First Quarter (7 – 10.5 days). Let’s water the seeds that were planted during the New Moon.

Now is the time to act. Step forward into achieving what it is that you desire and start making your goals come true.

Waxing Gibbous (10.5-15days): You have come so far, “Do not give up”.

See this phase as an opportunity to refine and improve. If you do need to make any adjustments, please do and then continue to move forward. Keep the faith, stay strong and carry on.

Full Moon (15-18 days). Lunar is at her brightest – Blooming beautifully in the nights sky.

Results should be coming in. It’ll either be a make or break revelation for yourself. Check within, to discover whether you need to forgive and release, either way, celebrate how far you have come.

Waning Gibbous (3.5 – 7 days after the full moon). Begin to share the benefits of your inspired actions.

Express your newfound truths and spend some time in gratitude, accepting what is. Remember to pause from it all and


Third Quarter (7-10.5 days after the full moon). Can be considered as the crossroads.

The in between of the Full Moon and New Moon. Re-evaluate: become aware of the cycle and your manifestation(s) so far. Ask yourself these questions: What went well? What didn’t go well?

Release the things that no longer serve you. Let go and surrender.

Waning Crescent (10.5 days after the Full Moon) Rest and reflect.

Spend some quality time reflecting on how far you have come and return to stillness. Use this precious phase for healing.

The mystical wonder that Lunar brings into our existence is one of the many reasons why I love working with her. Not only does she help me to feel more aligned to Mother Gaia, more in tune with my own truth but she has also opened a whole new world of mysteries. For that, I am forever grateful. Happy connecting to the wonderful and enchanting moon.

Brightest blessings Larisha xo

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