In a previous post I wrote about Lunar and her Phases, this is solely about Lunar and her blank canvas also known as the New Moon.

If you have already taken the time to read that post or attended our first ever New Moon ritual (Insta Live) then you will know why we have chosen to share rituals around the New Moon and what a New Moon is.

For those who are jumping ahead, do not know or need a friendly reminder 😊

The New Moon is the first phase of the waxing cycle. It is a time when the moon is in conjunction with the sun and is not visible to the earth.

On a New Moon you will notice that the sky is at its darkest and if you look up, you may be able to see a slight halo of light. Even though she is not at her fullest, lighting up the sky with her radiant glow she is still full of immense magical energy, which we can tune in to, to help us align and manifest a reality we are truly seeking. New Moon’s are a beautiful reminder that we also have a chance to start over.

A clean slate.

A blank canvas.

A new beginning.

It is a chance to release what is no longer serving our highest good and to start planting the seeds within our own inner sanctuary. Giving us an opportunity to not only restart, but to grow, to love and to connect with our inner worlds. With each other. With nature and the rhythms of life. Helping us to become aware and to embrace the universal flow of The Divine.

Our Rituals.

We love a good ritual, Goddess Circle, a tea gathering. As it is a time when we can connect with likeminded beings and amplify the energy with raising our vibrations. It is a time when we can come together to unite, to let go of any worries, doubts and troubles that are weighing us down and simply be there for one another.

During our rituals you can expect:

Information on the Zodiac sign that the New Moon is in and how this may be affecting you.

Affirmations, that you can choose to use daily throughout the New cycle ahead.

Inner harmony with stilling the mind: drinking our tea blends (herb’s benefits) allowing the magic to bring peace within, with every sip.

Unblocking chakras

Healing our EMF and biological bodies with sound baths and reiki session

Travelling inwards with Journaling and more.

Our rituals are not only about dabbling into the mystical side of spirituality, they are also about discovering inner potential and healing our physical bodies, so we are able to align to our true selves.

Allowing us to unite and rise.

2 thoughts on “NEW MOON/OUR RITUALS.

    1. Thank you. It really is having it’s pro’s and con’s. There’s times when I do feel like there’s nothing to do but then other times waves of inspiration and creative energy comes bursting through. Can we truly enjoy the highs without experiencing any lows?


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