Gemini Tea Blend

With our New Moon in Gemini ritual around the corner, we thought we would share with you what herbs we have picked for our tea blend. We have selected herbs that are linked not only to Gemini but also to the Throat chakra.

For those that are unaware chakras are energy centres in the body where the physical and consciousness meet. This energy is known as the vital life force and is what helps us to stay alive. Each energy centre is connected to various organs and glands, as well as on a psychological and spiritual level. Plants are powerful with their healing benefits and magical properties. Not only can they help heal us, align our chakras but they can also bring harmony, abundance and much more into our lives.

Throat Chakra

This is the 5th energy centre of the main 7 chakras within the body and is the neck and shoulder region. It’s linked to the Zodiac sign Gemini, which is an air element and, is all about: Intellect, communication, speech and connection. The throat chakra symbolises: expression communication and speaking the truth.

We have selected herbs that will be beneficial for the following organs:



Teeth and Gums


Neck vertebrae

With the right intentions when growing herbs, selecting herbs, brewing the herbs and even sipping the herbal tea, this process may help release stagnant energy linked to emotional issues such as:

Personal Expression




Indecisiveness Judgement and criticism

Lunar Phaze’s Tea Blend

We have chosen two tea blends which will help open up your throat chakra.

Tea blend one: Peppermint and Thyme (Fresh herbs – Grown and dried by Storm)

TIP: It only took 5 days to dry, so if you have Fresh Peppermint, Mint and Thyme at your home, get drying now, that way…it’ll be perfectly ready for our next ritual.

Tea blend two: Peppermint, Redclover and Marshmallow. (already dried and organic).

Health Benefits:

Peppermint: Promotes self-expression, improves concentration, Is a natural Energy booster and really good for the immune system.

Thyme: Helps to get you back in shape when you feel a cold coming on. Is packed with vitamin C and A, is a good source of copper, fibre, iron and magnesium.

Reclover: Opens and clears the throat as well as helping to secure us emotionally.

Marshmallow: Relieves coughs and help with colds, promoting healing and restoring balance.

Magical properties:


The element is Air and the Planet is Venus.

Attracts love, breaks spells, cleanses energy, is a psychic stimulant and brings prosperity.

Raises the vibration of any space or object. If using peppermint to attract love put some leaves in a bath.

Rub some peppermint essential oil under your pillow. It is believed to give you visions of the future in your dreams.

For attracting prosperity why not try rubbing mint on your wallet/purse.


The element is water and the Planet is Venus.

Improves courage, strengthens psychic abilities’, and enhances Moon rituals.

Forest spirits and fairies are meant to be most active on a new/full moon. Add thyme to your moon ritual to enchant your circle with an atmosphere of change and mysticism. It is said that fairies love Thyme. If you have lost something and need help finding it, take some fresh thyme to the woods on the night of a full moon with some honey and ask the fairies to help you.


The element is Water and the Planet Venus.

Brilliant herb for cleansing, protection and warding off negative energy. Can be used to for love and fertility spells along with astral projection.

To aid with astral projection, you may want to leave dried marshmallow leaves under your pillow before you go to bed.


The element is Air and the Planet is Mercury.

Red clover is yet another plant that helps fertility, brings good luck with love and marriage matters along with success, exorcisms and protection.

The three leaves of the Red clover fare a symbolisation of the of the triple God, the son, the father, and Spirit.

Try drinking this herb as your tea to help with finances and protection.

Dried Mint and Thyme

Stillness with Tea

Once you have selected your tea blend, whether that is from our selection or your own, take your time with the herbs and add in your own energy with your personal intentions. Pour the boiling water onto your herbs in your teapot or mug (with tea infuser) and visualise your goals and your intentions being set into motion by the waters energy.

Let the herbs soak for 5-10 mins, during this time you can set up your sacred space by lighting candles, burning incense and finishing off with a grounding exercise to help you to align with all that is.

Now you are centred and your tea is ready, sit with your tea in your space and know that this is now your time. A time for you to disconnect from the outside world, from any worries and stress that may be in your life and connect with your inner being.

Smell the scent of your tea as the steam rises. Feel the heat on your palms and the energy pulsating.

Before taking your first sip take a few deep breaths.

Breath in love, light and healing energy and breath out what no longer serves you.

Sit a little while longer and connect with your tea and your intentions and as you sip, become one with the herbs, allow the tea to flow through your whole being.

Enjoy this sacred time to connect with the sensations that you may be feeling within, knowing that you are co creating with the universe and that your desires are being planted.

TIP from us for Mother Gaia

Both mint and Thyme are plants, that bee’s love. So, if you can. Grow some Mint and thyme to help those honeybees! (Make sure they are both in pots though, otherwise they will invade other plants spaces and takeover).

Instead of throwing away the herbs from your tea in the bin, please return to Mother Gaia via your garden.

Brightest blessings,

Larisha and Storm xoxo

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