The Moon & Me

I’m going to tell you a little story of how I came into truly believing the powers of mamma moon.

When I was about 17 I started going out with a guy around my area for about 2 years or so.

He had 2 kids from different women, which ended up causing me a bit of drama that was un-wanted.
We was always smoking weed and it got to the point we ended up drinking a shit tone of alcohol everyday.
Literally we would be drinking a bottle of whisky/scotch a day. Really wasn’t healthy.
He ended up becoming a bit more worse on it, He ended up getting another girl pregnant when with me and he was talking about burning down the girls house when being drunk.

Eventually he went to prison for mugging 2 women. Of course he told me he didn’t do it and being a concerned girlfriend I believed him, until something didn’t sit right. He was in prison for about another year or so and he came out. Surprised me. But I knew instantly there wasn’t any love there, but I tried to see if I could shake this feeling.

One night, we went to weather spoons for a drink and he started talking about how he wanted to fight everyone. This is when I knew it wasn’t right anymore. I liked to go out and socialise which he didn’t… It would make him uncomfortable.

So one night he invited me over. As I was walking up to his house I looked up and the moon. She was so big and bright and full. I asked her, “oh moon, give me your strength to leave this man. I know he’s not the right one for me”
And as I was walking closer to his house, my heart beating so fast, I was scared to even see him let alone break up with him. But once he stepped out, I had this weird confidence but ease and sympathy all at the same time.
It was like I wasn’t me, and someone else was talking out of me. I can’t remember what I exactly said but I defiantly remember saying “I’m sorry, but we are just 2 different now.” Gave him a hug and walked off.

I looked back up at the moon and thanked her. I cried a little, more with joy but a little bit of sadness as I hoped he could handle it.

This is when I knew the moon and her powers are beyond wonders. I ended up doing research into her and what do you know, new and full moons are best for releases and gratitude!

So when you feel like you need something out of your life. Check and see when a new or full moon is. Write down what you want to release, I tend to burn the paper so the universe can receive it. But the may thing is the intention and gratitude!

Storm xoxo

2 thoughts on “The Moon & Me

  1. Wow. You have been on an incredible journey. I definitely want to try writing down intentions and burning it because I’m a huge believer in the universe having power ❤️ Thank you for sharing!

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