The Power Of Manifestation & How It’s Helped Me.

I feel a lot of people are now starting to become aware of the power of manifestation, and I’ve just started to truly understand it also.

For me it’s taken me about a year or 2 to fully pay attention to the things I say and think, and even now I’m still learning.

I have learnt that manifestation is an all time thing. Not just one second of the day, where you want to do some affirmations and you think you’re done, no.  I need to be consistent throughout the day and night, as well as them affirmations. And even still, I need to truly believe them affirmations sit well with me.

Now, I’m not going to write a massive book on manifestation, as there are loads out there already. I just want to pin point some of the basics and how I’ve become more aware of the words that I think and speak everyday.
Manifestation is a big topic. Its’ not just asking for things you want and all of a sudden it pops up.

For me, I find that manifestation is mainly a way of life. What enhances it for me is gratitude, my self worth, putting into things that will hep me progress into my future (like My sound bowls) and so much more. But like I said I’m just highlighting some of the basics.

I use to be bad with money. Going out spending it on drugs, alcohol, taxis, night club entries, and I wouldn’t just be paying for myself. I got a credit card out and got into debt. I fount it so hard to put even £50 a week on it. Because my priority was in the wrong place and it didn’t help serve my future self any good.
I was showing the universe that I couldn’t handle money. So what happened. My money caused me to dig a deeper hole in debt.

When I started becoming more responsible, not going out, not spending so much money on material things. All of a sudden money started getting easier for me to receive.
My dad got some inheritance and boom by debt was cleared before Christmas. I have some savings and I started investing it into something that would serve me good! (Sound therapy & Lunar Phaze).

This is not even a fraction of manifestation. 

Every time I have a bad thought that comes into my head, I can now notice it and change it to something positive IMMEDIATELY! Like when the thought “you’re fat” comes into my head. I change it to “I’m healthy and I’m exercising regularly, which is making me toned”.
See I’m not saying “I’m skinny” because I don’t want to turn skinny. I want to become toned. 

With manifestation I need to be specific as the universe delivers specific things, otherwise I’ll confuse it. Say for instance if I said “I want to be like her”.. You might think that’s a good thing to say because it’s coming from inspiration, when in fact I’m asking the universe to turn me into someone I’m not (Larisha pointed this out to me the other week, so thanks girl!💖). Instead I can say “She’s very inspiring and makes me want to become a better version of myself”. Can you see the difference already?

Like I said this isn’t even a fraction on the power of manifestation. But I hope through my experiences, and this post, you can get some kind of understanding of how it works 🙂

Storm xoxo

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