New Moon Intentions

Originally, we were going to post our New Moon intentions up within 48 hours of our Ritual, however, we came to the conclusion that not everyone who reads our blog has attended our rituals and not everyone who has attended our rituals have read our blog. With that being said, we thought it would be a good idea to take it back to the beginning and write up our New Moon intention guide: a step by step on how to write up your wishes for the beginning of the Moon’s cycle and what “setting intentions“ mean to us.

If you are unaware of why we like to set intentions on and around the New Moon, then please check out our Moon posts which have further information.

Intention settings

We believe that taking the time to set intentions creates a shift within our internal being and may have a powerful change in our external reality. Of course, this also comes down to how honest we are being with ourselves when we are planting the seeds. As well as the action we decide to take once we have made our wishes. By doing so, we ask ourselves these two questions beforehand.

1: Am I being honest with what I have set?

2: What emotions am I feeling regarding these intentions?

Asking the above questions helps us to address whether there are any attachments that need to be released and can highlight other desires deep within that may not yet be known to us.

Please remember that when you do take the time to be honest with yourself, that there are no wrong or right answers. It’s more about you being true so you can have a successful result when co creating with the universe.

Sometimes we may include tarot cards to help with connecting to our higher selves / the unseen world – to shine a light on what we may unintentionally be ignoring. This isn’t compulsory, It’s just a another magical thing we like to dabble in (still learning but LOVE, LOVE, LOVE).

New Moon Intentions (1-9 steps)

1: Set up your space / alter:

You can do this by lighting candles, burning incense, cleansing your space, playing relaxing music, crystal grids… whatever floats your boat. At the end of the day, this is your space, listen to your intuition. Create it in a way that warms your heart and makes your soul smile.

2: Take time to feel gratitude:

By thinking of the people and situations in your life that make you feel blessed. This can also include anything that you may be feeling grateful for over the last month. Write down their names / situations and then send love out to them.

3: Grounding / breathing exercise:

Spend roughly 10 minutes calming and centring yourself this can be achieved by breathwork.

4: Think of at least 10 wishes:

Number 1: dedicate to someone else in your personal life, can even be an animal (may need healing / love / guidance)

Number 2-9: are personal wishes. Things that you want to see blossom in your life.

The 10th being for the Universe, Mother Gaia, the animal kingdom, natural disasters, this can be around ending wars and bringing peace, clean water, restoring balance, sending out healing energies to a particular country, specie, you name it… be creative!

(Heads up, there’s no need to have a list of 10 wishes’, it is just a guide line. As long as you are writing from the heart, being true and believe in what you are planting then all is good, however it does help / creates mindful writing”).

5: Write up / doodle your intentions:

Energy from self to paper has its own form of magic. The key is to write your intentions as if you were already experiencing your desire. Avoid writing, “I need, I want” instead use “I am”.

Call us old school but we sometimes begin our intention settings with “Dear Universe” adds that personal touch and oomph of devotion.

6: Visualisation:

Go through your intentions, reading each one in your minds eye. Visualise each intention as coming true. Use your imagination to see it. Once you have done this, feel it. What does it feel like to have your desires manifested into your reality?

7: Create personal affirmations:

Relating to your intentions which you can chant each day throughout the cycle. Doesn’t necessarily have to be for all 10 intentions, can be an overall affirmation or for an intention that you are drawn to the most.

8: Action:

It’s all well and good sending the universe your letter of wishes however, this is about you co creating with the universe. So, how are you going to help? What action is needed? For example, if you want to become healthier – how are you going to make this happen? Are you willing to change your diet? Start exercising?

The universe will help you, but you also need to show the universe that you are willing to put in the work too. After all, setting intentions is all about teaming up with the cosmos.

9: Meditate on your intentions:

10-15 minutes. End the meditation by releasing any form of attachments that you may have towards your intentions.

Saying out loud or internally

“This or something better now manifests for me in totally satisfying and in harmonious ways, for the highest good of all concerned”. – Shakti Gawain.

Once you have completed this process You may want to keep your intentions under your pillow, on your alter, a crystal on top to help charge and amplify the energy. Whatever surfaces up for you to do next listen to that and go with it.

The day before the next New Moon cycle, go over your list and reflect on everything. Have your intentions come true? If not, maybe it’s time to go over them and make adjustments. Sometimes, some intentions can come true within weeks other times it can take years. Try not to give up or feel that you failed. The universe isn’t restrained by “time” and flows in way that we sometimes struggle to understand.

On the day of the New Moon regardless of your outcome do not forget to thank the Universe and then repeat the process of co-creating magic.

At the Next New Moon – which will be in the sign of Cancer / Summer Solstice we will be posting our intentions up within the 48 hour period. Until then, Namaste.

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