Our Goddess Circle. What is it?

Goddess Circles are a gathering of individuals embracing the feminine side of them selves.
They are also known as woman circles, sister circles, red tents or moon lodges.

Usually there is no age gap with who attends one of these circles. But the majority of the time, it is a group of women coming together in a sacred space (sometimes during their menstrual cycle) to affirm spirituality and sexuality, share stories and to heal from past traumas and so on.

In some historical cultures, it was said that women are more spiritually aligned during their menstrual cycle. She is considered sacred and powerful, with gaining physic abilities.

Numerous ancient societies attributed spiritual properties too mensuration. It is also believed that people would seek spiritual advice from women on their monthly flow.

So what happens at a Goddess/Woman’s circle?

A goddess/woman circle is a sacred space where people can come together free of judgement, share stories, self reflect and rest.
Sometimes with gatherings, people communicate over food and non alcoholic drinks. Going into singing/chanting, intention setting, meditating along with using tarot/oracle cards.

What can I benefit from attending a circle?

These circles are a great opportunity to connect with like minded souls, in order to share experiences and wisdom.
You can gain some knowledge in regards to situations you are currently facing, as well as get support from others.
With these circles, it allows us to really dig deeper into our feminine side (The Shakti within) and to connect with our soul tribe.

Our Goddess Circle

We are all about empowering other people. Wether it’s to do with their business, self worth, spiritual growth and anything that can really boost someone up.
This is when we decided to create our own Goddess Circle. Inviting people to come together, connect, share and unite.

With our circle we will be choosing a Goddess every month, to tap into her energy. This could be a Buddhist Goddess, Greek Goddess, Egyptian Goddess and so on. 

Occasionally, we will also be having guests come on to talk about their businesses, beliefs and other aspects of life. We feel this is a great way to help people network and share their wisdom with others.

During our circle you can also expect:

Story telling / Q&A with guest.

Information on the Goddess of the month and how to tap into her energy.

Incorporating sacred cacao in order to connect and open up our heart chakra.
(We will be uploading a post soon about this beautiful sacred plant).

Holistic healing with the combination of Sound Therapy and Reiki Healing

And more

Our circle will be a safe space for us to come together and thrive. Embracing our Shakti energy and connecting to our sister tribe.

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