My Journey With Sound Therapy.

I first fell in love with the Himalayan singing bowls when watching a video on instagram. It produced a beautiful sound I have never heard before. This got me wondering what it is and how do I play it? So, I did research into them and found out that they can heal you as well as produce a beautiful sound. Knowing this, I thought instantly, maybe, this what what I’m suppose to do. Heal people and myself with the power of sound.

I ended up buying a beautiful 7 chakra set on amazon. They sounded musically beautiful. The tones matched each other all pretty well especially when you synchronise them together. There was 2 problems though..
1. I didn’t know how to play them. Let alone heal people from them.
2. One or two of them sounded very similar to each other. This is when I decided to take up a course.

I found Lola Lhamo’s course through google.
Her price was very reasonable. Some people were charging about 3 grand for a 1 day course which I obviously couldn’t afford.
It’s funny because I emailed Lola about the course but lost the email. I was trying so hard to look for it, so I ended up looking for her on facebook. All I typed in was Lola and she popped up straight away. The universe obviously wanted me to go on this course.

Leading up to the course I began to get a bit anxious. Like, if I’m really suppose to be there, should I just not go. What if people don’t like me? What if I’m not spiritual enough for the people on the course. I had to keep telling myself everything is going to be fine. Just trust the divine. – see the rhyme 😉

When giving my first sound massage at the course, the feedback I received was amazing. The lovely goddess who I gave the massage to said she saw an image of her self back in the womb. Instantly I thought of rebirth. We hugged and then she done me.
When receiving my first sound massage, I remember feeling extremely relaxed. I ended up seeing a figure of Jesus.
Also, just before receiving the massage had a slight headache and then after it was gone.


I recently found out that I have polycystic ovary syndrome. I was due for another scan (the day after I had the course). I was told that my right ovary is working normally as it’s in ovulation and that it looks like I’m healing myself! Ever since then I had 5 more moon cycles (all regular) WOO!

I will soon be posting my story about polycystic ovaries. This will include my personal tips for anyone who is going though the same thing!

I’m so fortunate to have been brought together with some powerful feminine souls though this course. We laughed together, learned together and even cried together. We all got to know each other for who we are, stripped away of our natural habitat. I even learned a bit more about myself.
Lola Lhamo was also an amazing teacher. Very humble, pure and full of love. She has defiantly inspired me to look deeper within myself and to become an amazing healer. I truly thank the universe and all its helpers for sending me on her course.

Remember when I said earlier that my 7 chakra kit some of them sounded similar? Well luckily I went to this course because I found out that usually people buy them separately, not as a set. This is due to a calling you will have with the bowls. To see if you are both attracted to each other and meant to be together. Just like a relationship.
It also turns out the higher the pitch, the more it works upper chakras. Anyway when I got home I checked on a pitch tuner app. Turns out that near enough all of them were A notes.. They are still beautiful and I still sometimes play them. Like I said earlier, musically they sound amazing, but they are not practical for sound therapy.

I attracted my master bowl on Lolas course. She (I believe my bowl is a she) was being used to demonstrate how to do a sound bath. When anybody struck her I literally felt the vibrations come through the floor and coming straight to me. I instantly got pulled to her! I knew we were meant to be.

I’m super excited for my journey as a sound healer. I hope that one day I can become as insightful and knowledgeable as Lola. 

If you would like to know more details on sound therapy and its benefits Please check our sound therapy benefits post!

Thank you for reading!
Storm xoxo

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