Getting Back Into Poetry/Spoken Words.

During lockdown my friend Naz was doing a writing session every Monday in hope to get our minds flowing with creativity throughout the week.

She mentioned that mine and Larisha’s poems would be great to do as a post. So, I’ve decided that maybe once a month I will upload a little poem when I feel a little creative!

Here is one about Connection. I hope you enjoy!

"I hear you, but do you hear me?
Can you look beneath the words I speak
and see what's lurking deep inside?
I smile. But is it with my mouth or with my eyes?

Can you notice what you don't like within me,
is something you don't like within yourself?

The world sends us mirrors without using our eyes,
but with our minds. But we are blind.
Why are we always wanting to see to believe?
Why do we assume what we hear is the truth?

Can you not feel with the inside of your body,
the energy within, and trust what it's telling you?
Can you feel these sensations speak to you without using words,
without sight.

Once you can this is when you are truly connected."
- Storm Mariah Webb

This text is copyright to Storm Mariah Webb (Lunar Phaze) 2020.

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