Cancer’s Heart Blend

Our next New Moon ritual is less than two weeks away and we will be honouring the sign Cancer for the 2nd time in a row. In brief, at the last New Moon, we were giving the opportunity to harness the energy not only from the summer solstice, but also from the Eclipse. Helping us to say goodbye to old ways of thinking and helping us to align with our authentic truth.
This time round the beautiful Cancerian energy will help us to review the goals that were set at the previous cycle and adjust anything, if need be. With that being in mind, we have decided to follow our intuition and step away from a tea blend and instead concentrate on plants (that we feel have spoken to us on a personal level) that will not only help open up our heart chakra but will also help us connect with the centre of The Divine.

Cancer Blend

Sacred Cacao | Macadamia Nuts | Vanilla

Heath Benefits:

Sacred Cacao:

Aids in healing the body on all levels; mind, body, and soul.

Natural compounds to reduce anxiety and depression

High in antioxidants

Macadamia Nuts:

Energy booster

Great for the heart

Helps with brain function

Vanilla Paste or Pods:

Natural pain reliever


Sexual stimulant

Magical properties


The element is Fire and Planet Mars.

Helps open the heart chakra and is a powerful spirit medicine aiding in transformation.

Has been used in ancient ceremonies (The Maya) and has an active ingredient in it called Theobroma – meaning “The food of the Gods”.

Creates a strong connection with higher-self and helps us to align with who we truly are.

Macadamia Nuts:

The element is Earth and the Planet Jupiter.

Like Herbal magic each nut has its own magical properties.

Brilliant to be used in spells to attract Love, prosperity, and abundance.

Powerful energy to manifest money.


The element is water and the Planet is Venus.

Promotes a happy and healthy environment.

Can be used as aromatherapy to soothe nerves.

Used in spells to enhance physical energy, for love, peace and luck.

Recipe for our blend

1: Boil the kettle and let the water cool down for about 15-20 minutes. Note: To enjoy the medical properties of the cacao to it’s fullest, it is important that you do not boil it and try to avoid using sugar.

2: Put all ingredients into the blender: Handful of macadamia nuts (diced into tiny pieces) or 2-3 tablespoons of macadamia butter (depending on how creamy you would like it), 2 vanilla pods or 2 teaspoons of vanilla paste (I teaspoon = 1 vanilla pod) and 40g of sacred cacao (grated), add one glass of water, preferably a balanced mixture of the warm water from the kettle and some cold water.

2: Blend all ingredients until you have a smooth texture, add more if too thick (warm water).

4: If you would like, feel free to sprinkle cinnamon over top of the brew and enjoy!

Quick thought: – With your empty vanilla pods. You can pop them in a jar and add some vodka (or brandy to give it more of a unique flavour) to it to make your own vanilla extract. Whenever you use a pod keep adding it to the extract and leave it for a few months. Shake whenever you can remember.

Note: Even though we are using a completely different style of blend, the practice of “Stillness with Tea” or in this case “Stillness with Sacred Cacao” will still be carried out the same. The only difference are the ingredients. If you have missed our previous New Moon rituals and would like to know more on what “Stillness with Tea” is all about then please click here.

To join us for the Next New Moon in Cancer and book your spot, click here.

We look forward to seeing you!!!

Brightest blessings,

Larisha and Storm x

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