Getting Back Into Poetry/Spoken Words.

During lockdown my friend Naz was doing a writing session every Monday in hope to get our minds flowing with creativity throughout the week. She mentioned that mine and Larisha’s poems would be great to do as a post. So, I’ve decided that maybe once a month I will upload a little poem when I […]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

In September 2019 I didn’t receive a period. I took a numerous amount of pregnancy tests which all come up negative. This ended up making me worried that it could be something really serious. I went for a blood test recommended by my GP and everything came back fine. I defiantly was not pregnant also. So […]

My Journey With Sound Therapy.

I first fell in love with the Himalayan singing bowls when watching a video on instagram. It produced a beautiful sound I have never heard before. This got me wondering what it is and how do I play it? So, I did research into them and found out that they can heal you as well […]

The Power Of Manifestation & How It’s Helped Me.

I feel a lot of people are now starting to become aware of the power of manifestation, and I’ve just started to truly understand it also. For me it’s taken me about a year or 2 to fully pay attention to the things I say and think, and even now I’m still learning. I have […]

Surrender to boredom…

And, trust the creative magic within. With everything that is happening in the world right now and with most individuals obeying the lockdown regulations. It is not hard to feel that the energy around us and even inside us, has shifted. Even for someone like me who is introverted, and, to be fair – loves […]

Larisha’s Bio

Childhood: Growing up as the only child up until the age of 11, I really did only have myself to entertain. At times it would feel lonely but looking back, I was never truly alone. I now see and understand just how connected I was to my truth and the universe. I had a nurturing […]

Storm Mariah Webb

Hi there! My name is Storm. People tend to get confused when I introduce my name to them. Sometimes they actually ask me to show some ID just to have some proof. I’ve heard all of the jokes.. ‘is your dad an X-men fan?’ Kind of… ‘Can you control the weather?’ Sometimes to be honest! ‘Were […]

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