Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

Dear Universe. Dear Moon lovers and Dear readers. This isn’t my usual style of writing and is more of a personal entry about last night’s Full Moon in Sagittarius (Eclipse). – Ending past pains to enable growth. I’ve been sitting here, drinking my black coffee and feel this urge to bare my soul but before […]

The Moon & Me

I’m going to tell you a little story of how I came into truly believing the powers of mamma moon. When I was about 17 I started going out with a guy around my area for about 2 years or so. He had 2 kids from different women, which ended up causing me a bit […]


In a previous post I wrote about Lunar and her Phases, this is solely about Lunar and her blank canvas also known as the New Moon. If you have already taken the time to read that post or attended our first ever New Moon ritual (Insta Live) then you will know why we have chosen […]

Lunar and her phases.

The sun shines down on our body. The moon shines down on our soul. Ever since I can remember I have been enchanted by Lunar’s dreamy glow and when her beauty shines out, I can not help but stare at her luminous body in complete awe. Knowing that at the end of her cycle she […]

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