New Moon Rituals


Using the new moon is a great way to set intensions and release anything that no longer serves your highest good.

Our New Moon Ritual is a time for cosmic healing with plant magic, sound medicine, Reiki and much more.

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New Moon In Cancer

Come and join us for the 2nd New Moon in Cancer.

We will be honouring the sign Cancer for the 2nd time in a row. Helping us to say goodbye to old ways of thinking and helping us to align with our authentic truth.

This time round the beautiful Cancerian energy will help us to review the goals that were set at the previous cycle and adjust anything, if need be.

We are being asked to release the lower vibrations that are no longer needed in our new energetic being and to tune into what we need. What resonates with our soul’s purpose.

What our event involves

HONOURING THE DIRECTIONS: To shower the guardians with respect and love. Creating a safe and sacred space between the physical and spiritual worlds (prayer).

STILLNESS WITH CACAO: Bringing all aspects of your being into the present moment by connecting with the power of herbs. This is a mindful practice and form of mediation. We will be using our own blend which has been selected to work with the sign of cancer and the 3rd eye chakra as well as opening up the heart centre – find further information on our blend here…

JOURNALING/ INTENTION SETTINGS: Exploring your inner sanctuary with self enquires and visualisation.

MEDITATION: Connecting with your heart and allowing the power of love to grow and expand.

COSMIC HEALING: Through Reiki and Sound Medicine we heal our bodies on levels, mind body and soul. This also amplifies our intention settings from the deep state of relaxation.

The event will be offered via Zoom. Once you buy your ticket, a link will be emailed to you. The event will be in British Summer Time.

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